Catering For Film Productions Satisfying Both Cast And Crew

Catering for film production

Imagine how difficult it must be catering for Brad Pit or Angelina Jolie on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster. Now go ahead and delete that image from your mind because by the end of this article you will have an idea of how you can cater for film productions, satisfying both cast and crew.

The cardinal rule to catering for film productions both on and off location is embracing the saying “A film crew works on its stomach”. Film crews and cast work very long hours and it is imperative that everyone is well fed to ensure that the quality of their work is not affected. The factors below are essential to providing successful catering services for film productions:

  • Providing personalised meal options to ensure every member of the cast and crew is catered for. This includes understanding the dietary requirements of everyone on location and ensuring your catering offering satisfies those needs
  • Being flexible and adaptable to the changing requirements of a film crew, filming can go on for extended periods of time and there is a need to keep menu options interesting and varied so that crew and cast do not get fed up with eating the same things
  • Shooting schedules can change very quickly and catering for film productions should be able to move with the changes in production schedules
  • Catering for film productions is more than just about the food. Providing on location catering brings the catering staff and production crew together and it is essential that good relationships are maintained
  • Fresh food, great presentation and above all, delivering food on time means that the production remains on schedule. Catering for film production therefore needs someone who can do this

A day on a film set from a catering perspective usually begins with a tea and coffee service on arrival on set and a full English breakfast with a continental breakfast option. For the mid-morning break it’s usually tea, coffee and cakes, just a little something to keep the energy levels up.

Lunch will often consist of a hot meal, with salad, snack tables as well as vegetarian dishes and afternoon tea later in the day with a variety of cakes and other sweets on offer. Rising up to the challenge of carrying out this service day in day out to a high standard while keeping relationships great is the key to success catering for film productions.

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