Why People Take The Time To Write Letters Of Thanks In The Catering Industry

Testimonials and Recommendations

The catering industry is very competitive and there is no denying that. You have to offer an exceptional service to be remembered. Recommendations and word of mouth are the two biggest aspects influencing business growth and increasing your customer base.

Catering is also a very personal industry in a sense, especially, if you require catering for a private function such as a wedding, birthday party, funeral or any other family event. You are putting your trust into the capacity of your caterer to deliver.

In most cases, you are looking for someone to take care of a very important element of your day. Going back to the wedding example, the wedding ceremony is only a ‘small’ part of your day, and you rely on the catering company to keep your guests happy and well fed.

The personal touch catering companies provide is the main reason why people then take their time to write letters of thanks. The gesture is a token of appreciation and an opportunity to say thank you for a great service delivery and the caterer’s contribution to making a personal event a success.

People also love talking about a great service equally as a poor service, and if they have received an outstanding service then writing about it in the form of a testimonial is the least they can do.

The other side of the coin also needs to be addressed. Catering companies thrive on repeat business, recommendations and testimonials. The more letters of thanks a catering company receives and shows off, the greater the likelihood that more potential clients will be attracted to give them their next order.

It therefore, serves caterers well to encourage their customers to write testimonials as much as it’s a good gesture for clients to write thank you notes for great service on their own accord.

The reasons why people take time to write letters of thanks can therefore be summarised as follows:

  • Share their personal emotions and gratitude for a well executed service at a very personal time
  • Show appreciation for great service
  • Provide recommendation to friends and family and inadvertently helping the catering company gain more clients

So next time you receive a great catering service just spare a moment and share your experiences by writing a letter of thanks.

Here are a few testimonials Heriot Caterers have received in the last few weeks:

Hi Tony

A big thank you to you and your staff for helping to make this event a success. All partygoers complimented us on the food and presentation. Your people did exactly what you promised and were completely flexible to ensure a successful party. The idea of serving the cold drinks from the fountain full of ice was most effective. We would be happy to recommend your company for similar events.

Best wishes Mara & Kerry


Hi Tony and Jane and team

Just a quick note of heartfelt thanks to you and ALL of your team, we met nearly all of them – the epitome of friendly, honest, polite, adaptable and dynamic and helpful professionalism.

Food was great and exceeded our expectations, and the set up and delivery of the drinks and canapés outside was inspired… Many people commented that the execution of such a standard in a village hall was impressive, we thought so too, so thanks again to all of you, you really did help make our day!

The speed of delivery and heat of the food was unprecedented by any wedding that we’ve ever been too. We had three tenders and we are so glad that we chose Heriot!

The carrots represented strongly and were genuinely amazing, not that everything else wasn’t !

We’ll always be happy to recommend or give testimonials to prospective clients.

Warm regards

Toby and Sheelagh Coe


Dear Tony

Thanks very much for the fantastic food last night. We will definitely keep you in mind for our future events.

Best wishes,



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