Catering For A Christmas Party With A Bang

Christmas festive menu - Heriot

The festive season is nearly upon us again and it’s time to consider the Christmas party and how to make it better than last year’s.

All businesses will throw a party for their employees in one form or another, be it at a local hotel or restaurant. Alternatively, caterers may be brought in at a specially selected venue for a Christmas party for staff. Caterers are therefore at pressure to deliver a memorable dining experience and in that way secure business for next season.

This short article looks at ways to cater for a Christmas party with a bang.

Get Creative

Most catering companies go wrong when they decide to stick to a simple traditional Christmas menu. Incidentally, this will be exactly what they had last year and the year before, no wonder why most people attend a Christmas party just for the ‘booze’. Some of our not-so-traditional classic menus ideas can be found here.

Christmas event catering offer 2014

Introducing pleasant surprises to the menu will make it memorable which is exactly what Heriot is about. People will always remember the year they had something pleasantly unexpected on the menu. Such as the introduction of our new Special Club Class which can be ordered leading up to the Christmas festivities for something different!

Certified Freshness

Christmas is a very busy time for many caterers and usually the first thing to suffer is the quality of the food being served. There is a very strong temptation to use pre-prepared everything so the tables can be served quickly.

Delivering a top class Christmas party meal however, requires the use of fresh ingredients. With so many seasonal vegetables and meats available there really is no excuse for resorting to frozen sprouts or anything else. Our international culinary skills has enabled us to deliver something different with this amazing finger food menu ideas.

Provide an All Round Service

Most businesses reward employees with a Christmas party at the end of the year as mentioned at the start of the article. Although, booking a local hotel is one way to do it, the quality of the food and the entertainment often fall flat.

Providing a venue and an outside caterer for your Christmas party allows your staff to relax. If you are looking for a caterer to provide an all round service including entertainment, food and drinks then you’ve come to the right place.

If you pay attention to the 3 factors above then you are halfway to hosting an amazing Christmas party. Also, be prepared to have a boost in business via word of mouth as you will no doubt get referrals if you have your customers present at the party.


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