Why Catering for Amazing Food and Drink Plays a Huge Part at Any Party

Hertfordshire caterer canapes and cocktails

So you’ve decided to throw a great party. The invites have been sent out and the venue booked, but what makes the difference between a good party and an amazing one?

Obviously the music and ambience is important, also the actual venue plays a big part, making it look great with lots of decorations. There is one thing that is very important and should never be overlooked though;

Food for the soul

No one wants their guests to come away from any party saying “great music and dancing but the food was awful”. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that great food needs to cost the earth though.
There are many wonderful and easy recipes to make out there. Remember to pick food which suits your party, for example;
If your party is a stand up event where your guests are free to mingle and dance, grazing finger food will probably appeal more. Try delicacies honey-glazed cocktail sausages, char-grilled chicken skewers, tomato, basil and mozzarella kebabs, miniature smoked salmon croissants and sweets like Belgian chocolate eclairs and mini amaretti cheesecake are ideas for a select menu.

If your party is more formal, then a sit down menu is probably called for. Generally, however, people prefer the sort of food they can pick at. Offer up plenty of dipping sauces and a good variety of both meat and vegetarian options, and by all means don’t forget the drinks…

Heriot Food tasting evening

Drinks for the ambience

If you decide to invite people over to party you need to ensure that there is plenty for all to drink and that there is no danger of the watering hole running dry so to speak!

Beer is going to always be a popular choice at any party the added bonus is that it’s a relatively cheap option too. For beautiful wines and champagne, here’s a great selection on offer.

When throwing a more sophisticated party cocktails may be a better option. Try hiring a cocktail waiter if you want to wow your guests with a show, of course it can be fun for you to have a go yourself but be careful not to overindulge.

Remember that whatever you decide to do for your party, you should make it as stress free as possible because a happy host makes for a successful party. So in all honestly, a very good option is to ask an experienced catering company who knows how to throw such parties no matter the location, theme or number of guests!


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