Getting Engaged Over Christmas?

wedding engagement party

Christmas is soon upon us with all its festive treats and parties. We crave the warmth and love of our family and friends at this very special time of year.

While many couples prefer the idea of a summer wedding, warm sunshine and marquees in the garden, Christmas can offer something to start with engagement parties and announcements.

Imagine a magical winter wonderland feel to your engagement, christmas trees and decorations at the home or venue. There is so much that can be done to make your special day feel fabulous for all your guests and family.

Instead of wearing regular clothes over Christmas, why not opt for a red themed wear for all the family? Red can be a stunning colour on most and makes for an easy colour theme. Co-ordinate with red satin bows on chairs, red ties for the men and even red christmas baubles.

All wrapped up!

When it comes to creating those lovely little gifts for all your guests, why not try one of these (or several);

Chocolates – its easy to buy large quantities of chocolates such as belgian truffles. package them in small gift boxes and decorate with a ribbon of your choice.

Christmas baubles – buy a few boxes of different coloured baubles and decorate them yourself. You can buy ceramic and glass paint at a low cost from most craft shops, add the date of your wedding day and your initials!

Cup Cakes/ Biscuits – they are easy to make and there are infinite possibilities as to how you decorate them. Guests love something hand made and thoughtful.

Santa Claus is coming to town

If your engagement is something of a family affair (and lets face it, most of them are) you will more than likely have lots of children running about. Why not do something for them too?

Time to dine!

A Christmas engagement wouldn’t be the same without a christmas themed feast. Make it a banquet style feast with roasted meats and all the trimmings (don’t forget the sprouts).

Christmas pudding and custard, rich chocolate pots and cream and good old cheese and biscuits are a must to finish.

For the evening, a buffet with cooked meats and finger foods. Don’t forget the drinks, lots of drinks for the whole day!

The ideas are endless for such a sumptuous time of year, with the dark nights drawing in and the possibility of snow remember to plan well and enjoy all that christmas has to offer.

One last thing to remember, for your wedding day simply call Heriot Catering for all your catering needs. Now, you have one less thing to organise!


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