It’s Time for Outdoor Corporate Events and Here are Some Amazing Menu Options

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As the weather warms up and summer fast approaches, the demand for outdoor catering services rises. Corporate barbecues, belated Christmas parties and team building activities require a special catering service.

It’s a time to relax and enjoy the business’ success in the first quarter, or maybe charting the course for the next coming months. Whatever the reason for your corporate get together, it always goes down well with exquisite food and drink.

Here are some exciting menu options for your next outdoor corporate event:

  1. Eastern Extravaganza– go on a culinary tour of the Far East with this menu. Featuring steak Teriyaki, Tuna loin, Butterflied chicken and Chilli King prawns, this is a menu for the meat lover and is served with a sides of couscous and grilled vegetables, Tabbouleh or Capsicums with Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts. Warm pitta bread provides the bulk in your meal and the sweet taste of fresh, pineapple, orange and banana Flambé provide a refreshing end to your feast.
  2. Heriot Hog-out Barbecue – Italian style chicken, minty lamb with mango salsa, or wild boar sausage and you are ready to hog-out in style when you choose this menu. Add to that caramelised gammon steaks and you have a meal fit for a medieval king. Chargrilled Mediterranean veggie kebabs restore the meat/greens balance while Foccacia and Ciabatta breads weigh in with the carbs. For sweet, you can have fresh strawberries and cream with Almond and Sherry trifle.
  3. Queensland Tucker Barbecue – You will really be setting the bar high by opting for this menu. Featuring lamb kebabs, succulent spare ribs, garlic chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob, this is a really heavy meal. Ideal for physical team building activities you will restore your energy in no time. A wider selection of salad side dishes, five to be precise include new potatoes in garlic butter and conchiglie pasta. If ever you get that far, dessert is watermelon, blueberries & pineapple salad.
  4. Texan Binge Barbecue – no outdoor corporate event is complete without Texas style burgers served in a bap with fried onions. Also on offer if you leave enough room are pork and leek sausages served with spiced apple sauce. Five side dish options also accompany this heavy duty meat feast and a dessert of strawberries and cream with profiteroles and chocolate sauce.

Catering for outdoor corporate events can be fun, especially when serving such wholesome and filling dishes as in the menus above. As you prepare for the summer months, why not treat your staff to a summer barbecue to remember.

We are waiting for your call, which of the four menus will you go for?


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