International food goes down a treat at private summer parties

Private summer parties

Summer is the official holiday season here in the UK. Workers take a break from the day to day job and fly away somewhere hot and sunny to enjoy the fruit of their labours with the family.

Private summer parties are also in full swing at this time of the year as everyone finds a reason to celebrate. It must be something to do with the abundance of vitamin D.

So how do you make your private summer party memorable?

You could try a beach or Hawaiian themed event perhaps. One guaranteed way of hitting the mark with your guests is through the food on offer. International cuisine always goes down a treat at private summer parties. Italian, Spanish or Greek food will resonate with your guests as the three countries are popular summer holiday destinations.

Transport your guests to Italy when you serve an Italian menu at your party. Bring the family theme introducing sharing plates and lay on a taste of the Continent for your guests. This menu is sure to bring back some memories of laid back days in the sun with tables filled with food and wine for some of your guests who have been on holiday already.

For those who have a few weeks booked in a villa in Italy, it gives them something to look forward to even more. Antipasto Misto, Chicken Cacciatore and Braciole are all wholesome, flavoursome and mouth watering classic Italian dishes. Finish them off with another favourite, Amaretto Cheesecake or Tiramisu and you will have everyone looking forward to your next party. Heriot has an extensive Italian menu option for you to choose from.

Spain is a country with a variety of tasty regional dishes. From the colorful Paella dish originating in a small Valencian village to take its place as one of the most sociable meals to serve, to tapas, you can never go wrong with a Spanish menu.

The selection of tapas includes garlic prawns with sherry, Albóndigas, Serrano ham and melon plus more. Heriot has also got an extensive Spanish menu to choose from. Vegetarian options are also available so you can cater for the dietary requirements of all your guests.

Remember you really don’t have to slave away in the kitchen to throw a successful private summer party. Finding the right caterer to do the cooking and serving for you is the way to go. Catering for 20+ number of people can be hard work, but we take away the task of hard work by utilising our expertise.

Give your guests a taste of the Continent with a selection of Spanish, Greek or Italian dishes and make their summer that little bit special, and yours, one to remember!


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