Wedding Theme Menus to WOW Your Guests

Wedding banqueting menus

There is always a desire to make your wedding unique. Why not? It’s your day after all. One of the best ways of making your wedding day uniquely yours is to have a themed menu. The advantage of a theme menu is that it creates a buzz among the guests.

Wow your guests and give them something to talk about by opting for a themed wedding. Maybe your husband to be proposed on Christmas day and you’d like to recreate that feeling. Whatever the time of the year, a Christmas themed wedding is bound to spread some good cheer.

So you’ve settled on a theme, next question is, are you going to go all the way with the food as well? Below are a few menu ideas to go with your themed wedding.

Poultry Banquet

A choice of ten chicken dishes is presented to you for your main course if you take this menu selection. Ideal for a spring or an Easter themed wedding, poultry is a very good meat with a variety of preparation and serving methods.

However you love your poultry; you will not run out of ideas and dishes. The well-loved breast of chicken chasseur, which is supremes of chicken, cooked slowly and served in a white sauce with almond potatoes and young greens on the side.

A traditional roasted chicken with all the trimmings is another option to cement the importance of sharing a meal with those you love.

A very British traditional meal, it will remind you of the times you’ve spent with family, and the prospects of one day sitting down to a roast with your very own family.

Lamb Banquet

Another very traditional British dish, roast leg of lamb or a rack of lamb with a minted herb crust are some of the dishes to expect from this menu selection. Altogether there are ten different lamb dishes to choose from for your main course.

Other lavish set menus from Heriot that you can choose to complement the wedding themed menu of your choice include those below:

So, whatever the theme of your wedding, there is a set menu to complement it. Heriot the Caterers will ensure your chosen dishes are made with love, cooked to perfection and presented with class.


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