How to select the perfect drinks combination for any private event

Perfect drinks combination

They say a good meal deserves to be accompanied by the best drink available. Whatever the event you are hosting, there is a drink to suit every dish you plan on serving. This quick article will help you match up that scrumptious side of beef or your Asian feast with the perfect beverage. Your guests will love you for it too.

Making drinks choices to accompany your selected meal is not that difficult anymore. Red wine for red meat and white wine for white meat & fish is as good a place to start as any. At least that’s what common knowledge seems to say.

However, at Heriot we want to take it a step further. We provide a range of wines from all around the world, specially selected to compliment and add to your dining experience. Our wine list has been put together to complement our menus, as well as to give you the widest choice possible.

Whatever private event you are hosting, our wine cellar holds the perfect drink for you. For weddings we have an impressive collection of fizz for you to choose from including choice Champagnes or sparkling wines. Carefully selected wines will also be provided to accompany each course of your wedding breakfast. We all know there is a place for a good lager at a wedding and so we offer a selection of bottled and canned beers.

There is no real formula to selecting the perfect drinks combination. Choosing your menu first will allow you to choose the ideal wine to accompany your chosen menu.

Our range of drinks includes the following:

  • French red and white wines
  • Italian whites and reds
  • Chilean red and white wines
  • Australian and New Zealand wines
  • South African wines
  • Impressive Champagnes including Dom Perignon Vintage, Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage plus more

The 4 things you need to consider when choosing the perfect drinks combination for any private event are:

    1. Audience – the numbers expected and the type of crowd will determine the drinks choice you make.
    2. Budget – what is your budget for the event? The bigger your budget the higher up the price scale you can go in selecting your drinks.
    3. Choice of Food – one of the most important factors as the drinks you serve should complement the food on offer.
    4. Drinks types – providing a range of drinks from red wines, white wines, prosecco and some bubbly will cover the tastes of all your guests.

Following the simple guide above will help ensure your event’s drinks requirements are satisfied. If you would like help finding the perfect match for your menu, Heriot Caterers are here to help.


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