3 mouthwatering event catering tips and menu ideas

Event catering tips

If you have an upcoming event you should strongly consider the use of a professional caterer to feed your guests. With the help of the caterer, you can enjoy an event where you don’t even have to lift a finger as far as food is concerned.

All of the preparation is done for you, servers will provide you with the food and a lot of the food cleanup is also handled by the caterers.

Another amazing aspect of getting catering at your next event is that professional caterers can deliver excellent food even to very large parties.

Here are some event catering tips that you can use for planning your next function and a few menu ideas to get you started with planning:

  1. Consult with the caterer about your vision: be sure to give the caterer lots of notice and consult with them early regarding your vision for the event. The caterer may have some specific dishes in mind or even a venue that can help you with the right facilities for the type of event that you are trying to pull off.
  2. Get some samples: caterers will often provide samples for various dishes so that you can taste exactly what your party might enjoy. Going to a sample meeting is one of the best event catering tips because you will get to try the food firsthand before your party.

    At Heriot’s there are four options for tastings:

 At our Harrow office. (Free)

We can offer you free tasters in our office, for the functions that we are preparing on the day, or the day before, which gives you the client an opportunity to try something that we have prepared and cooked for say 100 people.

 At a Venue (Free)

We also offer you the option of visiting a function near you, 1/2 hour before the guests arrive, to try a little free taster, which was also prepared for a large gathering.

If you want to experience the expected quality & taste of what a good caterer will produce for you on your big day, it is advisable to try what they have prepared and cooked for similar numbers of guests to yours. The options above are good opportunities to do this, and do it for free!

Dedicated tasting (Chargeable)

We could however if required, get the chefs in, to make a complete dedicated menu for you to taste in our office for just one or two, which is chargeable.

Cost each:   Starter £7.50. Main Course £25.00.  Dessert £7.50.  (Supplements apply)

Tasting evenings at Heriot Catering. (Free)

We also hold our three monthly taster evenings, in our kitchen at Heriot in Harrow, where you are invited to attend, and try tasters from our most popular Menus.

3. Set your menu: While offering a very large menu can help to appease the vast majority of guests, having a set menu is much easier for maintaining the quality of the food and the consistency of service. Once you have determined some of the menu selections from your caterer that would be a crowd favourite, you can begin to set up your menu. A set small menu of 2-4 menu selections with a few courses can be just fine for a typical event.

Now that you’ve seen some of our event catering tips please take a look at these mouthwatering menu selections from Heriot:

  • Roast Scotch Rib Eye Beef: this menu selection comes with purple sprouting broccoli, cocotte potatoes, Cardoman Baby carrots braised with honey as well as a finely selected ribeye beef portion cooked to perfection.
  • Roasted fillet of Sea Bass on a bed of Fennel: Sea Bass is another excellent option for a hearty dinner choice. Roasted on a bed of fennel, this offering is flavourful and rich.
  • Mushroom Wellington: a unique vegetarian blend of mushrooms, cashews and light puff pastry. This vegetarian option resembles the flavours and consistency of the beef Wellington but entirely meat free.

Please use these event catering tips and menu ideas for planning your next function. Heriot Caterers will cater for any event of any size from corporate dinners to weddings. Give us a call today to discuss your catering requirements on 020 8427 7373.

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