Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and make food the centre piece of every occasion

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Food is an important part of any holiday and few holidays are as important as the one celebrating Christmas just a few days before the New Year dawns, It is a time of year when families that might be spread far and wide get together to celebrate and enjoy quality time.

Feed the Family

In recent years, the holiday period has expanded to the extent much of business might even close down for an extended period. It is a time when budding chefs can impress family and friends with their culinary skills because food is a centrepiece on a regular basis.

There are so many influences in today’s cuisine that there is plenty of scope in producing imaginative meals. While the main Christmas meal is still popularly a main course of turkey with all the trimmings, that is just a single course on a single day.

A Range of Influences

Other gatherings with food as the centrepiece may be a single course or perhaps a buffet that contains far more than sandwiches, pastry and cake? The increased use of flavours from differing parts of the world is ideal for producing food to please and surprise.

Even what is left of the turkey can be used in numerous imaginative ways with the carcass possibly being used for a warming and healthy soup. That is an ideal lunch on a cold winter’s day.

New Year

By the time New Year arrives, there has generally been a good deal of eating and drinking. New Year’s Eve is a celebration where an imaginative buffet is an ideal centrepiece for family and friends who call round to welcome the New Year.

As the end of the holiday approaches a final get-together is important before family disperses once again. It is probably time for something a little different. Either in cuisine style or content, perhaps fish as a main course then a calorie filled dessert as a final treat before the challenge of losing a few pounds in January has to begin.

These are just some thoughts that Heriot Caterers hope to share with you. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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