Getting the starters menu right is all the rave about setting the scene

Starter menu options

Calories go out of the window when it comes to Christmas. There is always January to get rid of any pounds that you put on. Eating is as popular as drinking during the holiday and planning special meals takes up a great deal of time.Traditionally Turkey takes centre stage but cooks aim to impress and creating imaginative menus can make the whole dining experience extremely enjoyable.

Once New Year comes it is ‘resolution time’ and that means losing those few pounds with food with a few fewer calories. There is still plenty of opportunity for flavour and variety, however.


When it comes to the starters menu, the aim will be to balance taste with the understanding there is plenty more to come. Everyday starters such as soup might be viewed as too plain. Rarely would a simple soup capture imagination on a special day. Fish offers a healthy and vibrant contrast.

Two popular choices on a starters menu are smoked salmon, prawns or both. There is a variety of sauces that do not have too many calories that fit beautifully with prawns, though, prawn cocktail with a thousand island dressing may not qualify on the calorie count.

Something a Little Different

However why not try something new because prawns lend themselves to many different recipes? There is nothing wrong with the starters menu to be prawn with garlic, chilli or ginger mindful not to make the dish too strong for anyone. The calorie count is reasonable and you can get great flavours too.


Smoked salmon with lemon, black pepper and good wholemeal brown bread and limited spread is another popular course that is not too filling but well balanced against the main course. A nice glass of white wine is an excellent accompaniment to fish at the starters menu if you limit yourself to a single glass. Everything should be in moderation as you look to get back into some favourite clothes.

A light starter makes sense and avoiding anything with too much fat, either in content or in the way it is cooked will see you succeed getting back into shape, quickly. Getting over the festive overindulgence with some carefully selected starters is a great way to regain control over your eating.

We have all been there and one thing is for sure, the scales don’t lie. Make them tell a different story this time around. Check out the Heriot starter options page for some sublime, healthy starters.

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