4 Great Valentine’s Day dinner ideas to impress if you are proposing

Proposing on Valentine's day

There’s a day each February that is purely for romance. It might be a cold and wet day, but never mind. Valentine’s Day is a chance to celebrate your relationship and the ideal day to make it more permanent by proposing.

You’ll need to make some plans for just the two of you so Valentine’s Day dinner ideas will be welcome. You don’t want to be eating in a public restaurant so you could do with some suggestions about what to cook.

There are plenty of recipe books and several programmes on television where you can see particular meals being prepared, but there are also professional caterers with websites that contain a variety of dishes. After all, if you are going to get married in a few months’ time, then a good catering company will be essential to complete your perfect day.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner ideas, you need to go for courses that you are capable of preparing. The main thing is to get good ingredients and perhaps a special bottle of wine? Have the champagne on ice in the kitchen to celebrate after you pop the question.

So what menu choices should you make?

  1. Starters are fairly easy and going for cold tapas or mezze, the Eastern European equivalent, is just about presentation. See Menu Options.
  2. Lamb is an excellent choice for the main course. Little can go wrong with slow cooked lamb which in the end may fall off the bone. See Menu Options.
  3. Something light for dessert may be all that you need after a substantial main course. See Menu Options.
  4. Wine is a matter of taste, of course, probably a red with lamb.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner ideas, you will get some online and perhaps even find a catering company that can be of even more help to you in the future by catering at your reception.

After all, there would be little chance of rejection even if your meal is not up to professional standards. Take a note of Heriot’s website and telephone number so that they are readily available for future reference.

If you would like any help or to find out more about each option, give Heriot a call on 020 8427 7373 today.

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