Wedding catering tips and mistakes to avoid

Wedding catering tips

If you are planning a wedding, you understand the need for professional wedding catering. One of the biggest struggles that many couples face when they’re planning their wedding is avoiding mistakes especially when it comes to hiring the services that they need.

In this article, we will break down some of the top wedding catering tips that you can use to avoid mistakes in planning your wedding and hiring caterers.

  • Using caterers for appetisers: it’s possible that you could potentially distribute your appetisers with the help of a self-serve platter or by having the caterers simply bring out just one large buffet table complete with various appetisers. Preparing it this way would also save time, prep and expense with the caterers without the need for waiting staff.
  • Not giving your catering agency enough notice: be sure to write down any instructions for your caterer before the wedding. Giving adequate notice ensures that you will get access to the dishes you want and that the caterer can deliver your dream wedding. If you don’t give a caterer enough instruction or enough notice with the instruction, you won’t often end up with the product you are interested in getting. Notice and communication are essential wedding catering tips.
  • Try to book a venue with proper facilities: A facility that doesn’t have any cooking area or a place to set up a temporary kitchen, will be difficult, but not impossible for an experienced caterer. Ensure that your hall has the right facilities and size to meet your caterer’s needs.
  • Keep menus simple: large menus are great for your guests because they offer plenty of choices. Keeping just a few simple dishes, however, is an excellent way to make sure that all of your guests get served on time and that the quality of the dishes is also kept to a high standard.
  • Try not to experiment: One of the best wedding catering tips is to stick to favourites for your wedding reception. When you start to experiment with exotic dishes, this leads to a lot of wasted food as well as a lot of additional prep time on the part of a caterer.
  • Explain the guest list: making sure that a caterer has enough waiters on staff is very important. A shortage of waiters will make it very difficult for a caterer to serve a wedding party promptly.

Keep these wedding catering tips in mind to avoid mistakes at your wedding reception. Heriot Caterers have many, many years of experience to guide you in the best way possible. The fact, Heriot advice to suit the client’s needs and not necessarily, what is trendy, is a bonus to being part of the team on your special day.

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