Summer wedding catering menu options to make you smile

Summer wedding catering

Summer brings out the best things in life. People, in general, are chattier, smile more and generally, in good spirits. It must be something to do with the sunshine. Choosing a wedding catering menu that plays to this jovial and overall celebratory mood will be the icing on the top of your wedding day.

So what are you going to serve up to your guests to keep this festival mood going? Below are a few BBQ menu ideas to help you settle on the winning summer wedding menu.

A feast for the meat-lover and vegetarian alike

Heriot Caterers have catered to so many summer weddings to remember. However, what they know from experience is the popularity of their BBQ wedding catering menu.

The following four menus are available to choose from. Not only do you have some appetising menus put together, you also have the option to choose dishes from each menu, to assemble your personalised menu for your guests. Here is what’s on offer:

The fabulous Texan binge BBQ menu offers the best of the meat and vegetarian worlds. The main attraction is the aptly named Texas burger, served with fried onions. Equally meaty is the pork and leek sausage with a spicy apple sauce. The non-meat-eater can tuck into a mixed beans salsa, homemade coleslaw, baby potatoes and a sweetcorn and peppers side.

This is just but one of four options and you can pick the dishes you like from each to create your bespoke, wedding catering menu. Some of the dishes you can pick from include the following:

  • The Heriot hog-out BBQ offering presents lamb burgers, marinated chicken, wild boar sausages or Mediterranean vegetable kebabs.

Don’t think for a second the menu options are stacked heavily on the side of the meat eater, far from it. There are mouthwatering non-meat dishes to choose too so don’t be disappointed if you are vegetarian.

To find out more about the wedding catering menu, visit the Heriot Caterers website and check out the tasty dishes on offer.


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