Corporate summer party ideas that will leave your guests wanting more

Corporate Summer Party

Get ready for the perfect summer by throwing a summer party for your staff, customers or clients. With the corporate summer ideas below, you will be the talk of the town and will leave your guests wanting more.

Who doesn’t enjoy a day in the sun, a cold drink in hand, great company and amazing food.

Make your party even better with a close up magician

A summer party is a great occasion for networking in a non-business environment and it’s a great idea to induce a bit of fun and excitement. Hiring a close up magician to entertain your guests will help make the event the relaxing day it’s meant to be.

A close up magician will mix and mingle with your guests and provide a talking point. Whether your guests are clients or your staff, having a performing act will bring people together and encourage dialogue.

Make it a family affair

Many people rarely get to socialise with their work colleagues together with their family. Throwing a family-centred corporate summer party is the best way to foster a culture of oneness, where all employees feel a part of one large family. Of all corporate summer party ideas, this option is popular among smaller companies.

Let the food be the icing on the cake

Whatever corporate summer party idea you choose to implement, food will always be a key part of your decision. You may have thought about the entertainment a lot but if the food fails to hit the mark, you might as well not have gone to all the trouble.

Summer is synonymous with barbeques the world over and serving your guests with the best barbeque offering is the way to go.

With Heriot Catering, you have a selection of 4 menus to choose from. You can also assemble your own menu by picking items from each menu to suit your event. Vegetarian or not, there is something for everyone, from Italian favourites such as pasta and breads to lots of meat. Hamburgers, lamb kebabs, chicken or pork, your guests will be talking about your food and entertainment until next summer.

The corporate summer party ideas above should give you something to work with. Why take a chance when it comes to food when it’s easier to let the professionals do everything for you. Get in touch with Heriot Caterers today to discuss your event and how we can help to make it unforgettable.


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