Buffet menu versus sit down banquet meal option

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When hosting a party you have to contend with several decisions. The menu style is one of the key choices to be settled, and the contenders are a buffet menu and a sit-down banquet meal. Your type of event will often determine which option to choose. As will the number of guests attending the event and the venue size and arrangement.

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Wedding Theme Menus to WOW Your Guests

Wedding banqueting menus

There is always a desire to make your wedding unique. Why not? It’s your day after all. One of the best ways of making your wedding day uniquely yours is to have a themed menu. The advantage of a theme menu is that it creates a buzz among the guests.

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How to Organise a Banquet

How to organise a banquet

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What does a banquet mean and how do you organise a banquet? Banquet is a meal that is shared between any number of invited guests, ranging from 20-1000 at a location at a specific time. The number of dishes varies with a selection of entree or starter, a balanced main meal followed by a selection of desserts and beverages are the norm. Some banquets can have more courses than three.

Usually banquets are held for an occasion or purpose from charity fund raising dinners to private celebration parties and Wedding receptions to the more business relation building gatherings. Due to the purpose of the banquet, there can be speeches accompanying the meal with banquets being held in the day as well as the evening.

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